A Custom Charleston Christmas Card


This past May, my parents moved from Long Island, NY to Charleston, SC. While I’m sad to lose my childhood home, I’m excited for their new adventure. To make sure their friends have their new address, we put together this adorable Charleston greeting / new address card. 

First, I drew a classic Charleston home. When that was perfected, I scanned my drawing into my computer where I digitally colored it and created the card layout and typography. The original front of the card design is below.

When my mom decided she’d like all of the address information on the front of the card so she would have room for personalization on the back, we updated the design slightly and added a cute line – “We have a new door to hang our wreath on” and their address. I love this cute and festive finished product! 

Contact us directly at Info@hippieislandmedia.com or go to our Etsy store to order your own custom new address cards. 

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